seasonal repair list from lange contracting for your home

As we head into different seasons, it’s a good idea to make sure our homes are in tip-top shape. A little preventive maintenance now can save us a lot of headaches (and money) down the road. Here’s a free seasonal repair list to help maintain your home in top condition all year long.

Download our handy 1-page seasonal repair list here.

Early Spring Home Maintenance Checklist

Early spring is the perfect time to get your home ready for the warmer months. Focus on cleaning gutters and downspouts. Inspect your roof and check air conditioning units. Test smoke detectors, and examine plumbing and drains. Early inspection may save on costly repairs later in the summer season.

Spring Home Maintenance Checklist

With spring in full bloom, take a closer look at your home’s exterior. Make sure everything is in tip-top shape! Discovering any damage now can save you money on costly repairs later.

Check for sealed doors and windows. Ensure paint isn’t peeling or chipped, and gutters are free from debris. You’ll also want to check your irrigation system. Freshen up any mulch around plants and check for any crushed sprinkler heads. This inspection will help keep your home looking beautiful year-round.

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Summer Home Maintenance Checklist

Summertime often brings many outdoor activities, from backyard barbecues to family gatherings. Check for signs of wear and tear on outdoor furniture. Inspect and clean any grills.

Check downspouts and gutters for blockages, along with the roof for damage or leaks. Trim hedges and shrubs away from walkways and driveways. Sweep patios and decks to remove debris. Meanwhile, check on the springs of garage doors and screen doors.

Mid-Summer Home Maintenance Checklist

Mid-summertime is the perfect time to give your home a proper checkup. Inspect and clean your attic and ventilation. Check for any leaks or damage to the roof.

Give windows and doors a thorough inspection. Ensure intact caulking around windows so that conditioned air doesn’t escape. Also, check siding for any signs of water damage.

Fall Home Maintenance Checklist

With the incoming autumn season, checking up on your home’s maintenance should be at the top of your list.

Inspecting the roof for any damage or wear is a great place to start. Roofs usually take a hard hit during summer after extreme heat and thunderstorms. Checking for leaks and other problems will help you stay ahead of any costly repairs. Clean out gutters and downspouts, as abandoned leaves and debris tend to pile there. Clogged gutters can then cause water damage around the home’s foundation, a hassle that no one wants!

Finally, examine windows and doors for cracks or faulty seals that could let in air. Get caught up on all these tips, and enjoy a worry-free fall indoors!

Late Fall Home Maintenance Checklist

Fall is the perfect time to inspect your chimney or fireplace. Inspect and repair any cracks or gaps. This can help reduce smoke buildup, preserve energy efficiency, and warm your house. Additionally, check the flue closing mechanism before temperatures drop. This will help ensure that heat doesn’t escape through the chimney when you need it most.

Also, remove any animal nests and debris from your fireplace. You may want to consider an annual inspection from a certified chimney professional. They can help identify any hidden hazards that could put your safety at risk.

Winter Home Maintenance Checklist

Winter can cause all kinds of home maintenance headaches. An easy and proactive way to plan ahead is to make a winter home maintenance checklist.

Check and clean the furnace or heating system. This ensures that your family stays warm and safe throughout the colder months. Also, check for ice dams on the roof. This will help you find any potential weak spots that could result in water seeping into your home. Meanwhile, you’ll also want to check windows and doors for drafts. Disconnect outdoor fixtures like hoses and sprinkler systems. This can help prevent freezing and burst pipes. Taking a few simple steps now will save both energy bills down the road and keep your home cozy all winter long.


This seasonal repair list to track checkups and maintenance on our homes can help prevent expensive repairs. Completing these tasks not only protects you and your family, but can also save you money.

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